What is My FedEx Tracking Number?

Hello friends! Today we shall answer a very crucial question related to FedEx, i.e., What is my FedEx Tracking Number? As you know, FedEx is one of the largest global courier services providing a variety of services to lakhs of customers every day.

So it becomes important for it to provide a tracking number for each of its services it provides to its customers so that they can get a real-time update about the status of their package.

FedEx Courier Tracking

Here in this article, we shall take about the various FedEx Courier Tracking Options and which tracking option you can use to track your shipment.

FedEx Courier Tracking India

FedEx India provides the facility of tracking your shipment for many services it provides

Some of the tracking facilities it provides are :

  • FedEx Tracking – this facility allows you to save your shipments in your FedEx homepage in just one click. So you don’t need to log in again to check updates about your shipment
  • FedEx Advanced Tracking – this facility is suitable for individuals or corporates who have bulk shipments. Thus if you are shipping 20 parcels or 20,000 parcels you can get an in-depth tracking report.
  • FedEx Mobile Tracking – this is a mobile tracking service which is the most convenient way of tracking. You just need to download the FedEx app to get real-time updates about your packages.
  • FedEx Desktop- this facility allows you to get your shipment notifications directly to your desktop.
  • FedEx Insights – through this, you can send online requests to a sales representative and then your request would be queued for approval. Once your request has been approved you can track your shipments without providing a tracking number.

FedEx Courier Tracking USA

If you are a US citizen then you need not be introduced to FedEx. Here we have provided you with the various FedEx Courier Tracking USA options.

FedEx Express or FedEx Ground

FedEx Freight

FedEx Custom Critical

FedEx Trade Networks

Can You Track a FedEx Package Without a Tracking Number?

Yes, FedEx gives you the facility to track a package even if you don’t have your tracking number. You can still track your shipments by using the FedEx’s Alternate Reference Tracking application. But for your FedEx Express shipments, you may track by reference number.

How Do You Track a Package From FedEx?

FedEx provides you with many easy options to track your shipments. And this facility is provided 24 hours a day, so you can always track your shipments on the go.

Following are some of the tracking options that FedEx provides :

  • By Tracking Number: You can use your 12-digit tracking number to track your FedEx International Airway Bill and just click on “Track” on your FedEx mobile application to track your shipments real-time.
  • By Email: You can just email your tracking number to track@fedex.com and receive back an email within a few minutes providing you with the current status of your shipment.
  • FedEx Insight: If you don’t have your tracking number, you can still track your shipment using the FedEx Insights feature. You have to log in to your FedEx account and send a request to a sales representative. Your request may take a few days to get approved. Once approved, you will be able to track your shipments real time without providing a tracking number.

What is My FedEx Tracking Number?

You can find your FedEx Tracking number in the barcode label of your shipment. Recently FedEx has updated their shipping labels so you may see a new barcode. The improved label contains all the information related to your package.

Your FedEx tracking number is a 12-digit number. But FedEx has announced it may go up to 14 characters in the future. The tracking number is located in positions 21-34 in the barcode.

FedEx International Courier Tracking

Since FedEx is a multi-national courier service, it provides tracking options for international shipments. There are various easy options by which you can track your shipments:

FedEx Tracking

FedEx Express Tracking

FedEx Mobile Tracking

Track by FedEx Desktop

FedEx Insight

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