How Can You Track FedEx Smartpost on USPS?

FedEx has recently started providing FedEx SmartPost service to its customers so you should know How Can You Track FedEx SmartPost on USPS? Since FedEx is one of the largest private courier services across the US, it provides many services to its customers. One of its recently launched services is the FedEx SmartPost.

Through this service, small businesses and e-commerce sites can partner with FedEx to take over their packages and deliver it to their customers. Hence it is beneficial for the businesses who do not have their own delivery systems.

So to answer your question, FedEx provides their tracking number to the courier service once they take over the package. The FedEx SmartPost tracking number is a 20-digit code. Once FedEx takes over the package, you can track it regularly like a FedEx package.

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