What If My FedEx Tracking Number Not Found?

Today we are going to answer a frequently asked question (FAQ) about tracking numbers, i.e., What If My FedEx Tracking Number Not Found? If you are a customer of FedEx, then you must be knowing about FedEx and what are the functions of tracking numbers. Through the tracking numbers, it provides options to track your shipments, such as Tracking by Reference, Tracking by TCN (Transportation Control Number), obtain proof of delivery, etc.

Generally, you can find your 12-digit FedEx tracking number in the barcode of the shipment. The tracking number is provided in positions 21-34 of the barcode.

But sometimes, it might happen that when you enter your FedEx tracking number to track your shipments, it might show the option of “not found”. In such situations, the first thing that you should check is that whether the tracking number you entered is correct.

In case the tracking number you entered is correct, then you should wait for at least two days since it might be possible that the parcel status has not been updated yet. In case it has still shown the status as “not found”, then you need to contact the delivery man or the seller, in case you have purchased something, about your tracking number. Otherwise, you can visit your nearest USPS office.

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