Is There an App For Tracking A Package Just Like FedEx Tracks Packages

FedEx provides customized and accurate tracking services so you might be wondering if there an app like FedEx package tracking which tracks the progress of packages real-time. While FedEx provides detailed and in-depth tracking services like multiple tracking and FedEx Mobile tracking, etc.

So if you are considering tracking your shipments through other apps other than FedEx, there are some apps available online. Following are the apps which will help you to track your shipments and provide some of the facilities like FedEx :

  1. Delivery Status Touch – This app supports about 25 delivery services, like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc.

This app lets you track multiple packages of different delivery services at once. The main screen shows the delivery status of each of the package using different colour codings.

2. USPS Mobile – The USPS has launched their mobile app, which provides all the benefits of FedEx Tracking at the palm of your hands. You can replace the shipment’s tracking number with any name, and track the real-time location of the package.

3. Track My Shipments – This app sends notifications to the phones of the users giving them real-time updates if the delivery status of their package changes. So this app not just lets you track the current location of your package, but also the direction in which it is going.

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