How Many Ways To Scheduled FedEx Ground Pickup Number

Hello friends! Today we are going to talk about FedEx Ground Pickup Number and how can you find your nearest FedEx ground pickup location. As you know, FedEx provides Ground Pickup service to its customers. You can schedule a pickup online or call on the FedEx Ground Pickup number to deliver your FedEx mail.

FedEx Ground Pickup Near Me

FedEx Ground Return Package Pickup

FedEx provides the facility of FedEx Ground Return Pickup. This facility is a part of FedEx PRP (Package Return Program). This is especially useful for businesses which help them to make it easy for their customers to return packages.

You can register for FedEx Ground Return Pickup by calling 18004633339.

FedEx Ground Schedule Pickup

FedEx provides many options to schedule a pickup. This facilitates the customers to schedule a pickup on the go and using their preferred method. Following are the options which you can use to schedule a pickup:

  • Online service – FedEx provides the option to its customers to book scheduled pickup for multiple services, such as FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, etc.
  • Scheduled pickups on a daily basis – If you have a send mail regularly, then you can opt for scheduled pickups for both FedEx Ground and FedEx Express.
  • Weekend Delivery – If you are working and won’t be able to ship your emails during the weekends, then you can opt for weekend pickup
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