How Do I Find FedEx Customer Care Number?

FedEx is an international freight and courier service based in the USA, so it has a dedicated and a large team of customer service executives. And like any other service, you can register your complaint or queries using FedEx Customer Care Number.

It provides various modes of contacting the customer care executives. For example, through email, phone number, etc. It has different customer care number for different regions and different services it provides. So if you are looking for FedEx customer care number, you have come to the right place.

FedEx Customer Care Number USA

Your FedEx Customer Care Number USA is 1800 419 4343. This number can be used to connect to a customer care executive, who will answer all your mail-related queries.

FedEx Customer Care Email

If you want to send an email to FedEx regarding any queries as to your mail, you can visit the page

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